About Me

My name is Rick Nielsen and I have worked in high tech manufacturing and in distribution for the last 30 years. This experience has been in Sales, Purchasing, Materials and Information Systems management for small and mid market companies. Over that time, I have implemented and managed both MRPII and ERP systems.

Even with all of this experience coupled with extensive coursework in business, manufacturing and computer science, the implementation of an enterprise system was confusing, frustrating and even when considered in the very best of circumstances … a lot of hard work.

I am fortunate that computers and technology are not only my vocation, but my passion. Computers have provided me with my livelihood for many years in the context not so much as a network guru or a programmer but for lack of a better title, a Technology Guide and Coach.

For this reason, I have researched and questioned many areas of technology that most of you would have avoided like the plague. For me, these various sojourns into database architecture, electronic data interchange, the internet, extensive hardware architecture, customer relationship management, production planning and forecasting just to name a few of what could possibly be hundreds of studies have allowed me to fit the pieces together of the proverbial puzzle.
I like people and I like working with them, I like brainstorming with them and having others assist me in solving problems

Whether I am working on a project, a process, a system or anything else, I have relied on the input, advice and perspectives of others at almost every turn in my career.

I am definitely not is an implementation consultant, but as I said earlier, a guide and a coach. If I can provide you with that thought; an idea that maps your next step, that sparks the idea that you have been looking for, I have accomplished my goal in keeping your implementation process moving forward.