The Purpose Driven ERP Series is about Providing ERP Implementation Guidance from the ‘Inside Out”

Purpose Driven ERP instructional materials are designed specifically for the Project Manager, “Champion” or for Management at any level within an organization considering the purchase of or actively implementing ERP.

In my opinion, and experience, ERP implementation success starts with solid understanding and internal agreement that must be maintained throughout the implementation.

The Purpose Driven ERP series contains information that most companies have to pay a consultant THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to obtain. And even then I can guarantee you would not get it all.

This innovative approach is platform, package and industry independent and it will work with literally any company or organization regardless of size.

Start at the Beginning

Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1 starts at the BEGINNING and is the ONLY guide on the market designed to help you define WHY you need a new system and clearly document WHAT YOUR ERP system should look like when you are done.

Without a clear, detailed definition of WHY you are implementing and WHAT YOUR new system should look like, you are at the very least starting off on the wrong foot and perhaps putting your project in SERIOUS JEOPARDY …

If you are considering the purchase of an ERP system, Purpose Driven ERP v1 is FOR YOU!

Years of Experience

My name is Rick Nielsen, and I have worked in high tech manufacturing and distribution as a Project Manager, Purchasing Manager and a Manager of Information Systems for the last 30 years.

Over that time, I have managed MRPII and ERP system implementations, migrations, company acquisitions as well as many other system projects from beginning to end.

The adage “If I only knew then, what I know now” definitely applies here … I have learned a lot along the way.

The Purpose Driven ERP series is unbiased to any particular system or supplier… I don’t work for an ERP company nor am I a consultant looking for work… At the same time, if you have ever listened to my podcast, Implement ERP Fast, you know that I am opinionated and will not shy away from telling you what I think.

Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1
Justify and Specify Your ERP System

Purpose Driven ERP v1 is a comprehensive 200 page guide that walks you through the 7 step process of System Justification (The Why) and the Specification (The What) of your new system.

So many companies fail in their implementation or take way too long to get to Go Live because they did not lay the foundation early on of a solid Justification and blueprint of a Specification.

The guide consists of 7 steps. It starts with some basic questions and then moves quickly to defining the factors that will DRIVE YOUR system justification…

Step 1 - Should you move forward with the Justification? This step goes into your alternatives in detail and … I think that you would agree that this is a good question to ask before you go any further…

Step 2 - System Driver Evaluation – The foundation of your justification rests at the systems level and consists of elements such as compatibility, availability, expertise, stability, security and much, much more!

Step 3 - Business and External Driver Evaluation – Once you have looked at the systems issues, you have to look at process, business and external factors. This is really where the money part of the justification comes in and your Justification starts to take shape.

Step 4 - Final Justification – Putting your System, Business and External drivers together in appropriate combinations and in their most persuasive terms.

Step 5 - Getting Preliminary Go Ahead from Top Management – Prepare and present and propose an implementation that will be impossible to turn down

With this foundation is in place, you will be guided through the formation of your Specification Team and creating your System Specification.

Step 6 - Forming Your ERP Specification Team – Form an effective Specification team with a clear set of guidelines and objectives.

Step 7 - Creating Your ERP Systems Specification – The blueprint that will act as a compass when difficult questions arise, before, during and long after your implementation is complete.

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Each step includes

* Guidance and perspectives so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I have!
* Questions to get you actively thinking about your companies’ specific situations, problems and solutions.
* Detailed action assignments at the end of each Step.

Purpose Driven ERP will…

* Help you make important decisions by asking you key questions at the right time.
* Guide you in defining system, business and external issues in concise clear terms that will act as the foundation to your Justification.
* Guide you in combining and relating System Drivers with Business and External Drivers to further solidify the WHY in your proposal for a new system.

As a result, you will provide a compelling argument, or better yet a ROCK solid Justification for a new or upgraded ERP system.

But Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1 does not stop there… I have also included three BONUS sections:

Bonus Section 1 - Team Building Basics - This 10 page section will provide you with the basics of what it takes to build a strong team.

Bonus Section 2 - ERP Hardware Requirements - A discussion on the critical hardware components that make up a state of the art ERP system.

Bonus Section 3 - DataBasics - An overview of ERP database principles - an excellent primer for those that are either new to the subject or have been "away" from it for a while.

If you are serious about implementing ERP right the first time, Purpose Driven ERP – Volume 1 will get you started and put you solidly on the road…to success!


* $49.00 (USD) for the electronic download version or…
* $79.00 (USD) for the printed version and INCLUDES the electronic version.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

One more thing … if you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1, you can return it for a FULL REFUND within ONE YEAR from the time of your purchase!

All this for far less than what a consultant would charge TO WALK IN THE DOOR!

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