ERP Made Simple - Free eCourse Just Released!

If you are new to ERP and would like to gain a solid understanding of

* What ERP is
* What Makes an ERP System Different
* How an ERP system can Add Value to Your Organization …

This course ONE OF A KIND course also includes a 15 page study guide.

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PREPARE for Your Purchase … Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1

Preparation is Key to the Successful Implementation of Your ERP System…

Purpose Driven ERP Volume 1 assists YOU in answering those questions specific and unique to YOUR organization in respect to  Justifying and Specifying your ERP System.

It guides you every step of the way in preparation for the purchase of a system that will allow you to remain competitive in an ever changing world.

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Implement Your ERP system with Confidence

Knowing WHY you must implement an ERP system is the crucial FIRST STEP to the success of your implementation

Don't rely on consultants as your only source of information when questioning the "right" way to go about your implementation.

The Purpose Driven ERP Series provides you with the tools that you need to manage YOUR implementation project.


COMING SOON - Purpose Driven ERP - Volume 2 - How to Source Your ERP System

The second in the series of the Purpose Driven ERP manuals, Volume 2 will provide you with detailed guidence in how to properly source an ERP system.